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Platform Philosophy / Mission Statement

KL Fashion Weekend is an entity that propagates sustainable and ethical fashion, with a strong emphasis towards sourcing, manufacturing and designing clothes that benefits the whole industry’s ecosystem and society at large.


KL Fashion Weekend embraces a ‘See Now Buy Now’ (SNBN) business model to keep abreast with the advancement of digital technology which has altered the marketing landscape of fashion. SNBN opposes the traditional fashion format, closing the gap between when clothes are shown and when they arrive in stores and revising the production and buying processes, making the conventional fashion weeks targeting mainly trade buyers/retailers as main audience and not mass consumers will soon be obsolete.


KL Fashion Weekend aims to digitally link designers directly to mass consumers without forcing designers to plunge into the absolutely disruptive and damaging nature of fast fashion and compromising their ‘designer quality standards’. We promote mindful buying as opposed to impulse buying or ‘buy to discard’ which has been brought about by fast fashion.


With the support of digital technology, KL Fashion Weekend will act as an enabler to create sustainability for the ecosystem of the fashion industry in Malaysia. Transparency in the supply chain will also be highlighted to ensure the welfare of every industry practitioner.


KL Fashion Weekend believes in the promotion of our artisanal fashion production capabilities; thus, we will create a working paradigm and a proper commercial ecosystem for them. It is obvious that Malaysia will not be able to compete with countries like China, India or Vietnam for cheap labor. However, we are blessed with many skilled artisans who are passionate about their work and they are not mere factory workers. We believe that these valuable resources in the form of seamstresses and tailors as well as craftsmen could be reintroduced locally among our own designers and globally



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