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Ash Majid



Coloured by history, shaped by heritage; the richness of Nusantara’s past is imbued deeply in batik. Its tales are harvested from the strings of the tropics, as much as Ash Majid’s story herself.

Borne of Malaysian soil, Ash Majid’s training in craftmanship began at a young age. Along the coastal lines of Penang, her artisan skills were honed under her father’s tutelage, spanning across fields of wood and metalwork. 

A maverick since early years, the contemporary designer’s nonconformist approach to design led to a natural expansion into the fashion industry. Inspired by centuries of local lineage, Ash discovered a deep connection with Malaysian traditional textiles.  


Her passion for infusing the old with the new unearthed her yearning to bring batikto the forefront of everyday wear through bespoke accessories. In her desire to share Malaysia’s identity with the world, Ash’s designs delicately blend traditional motifs with a contemporary flair, offering wearable luxuries catered for the modern-day woman. The One Design, One Owner policy underlies the brand’s ethos, one centred on uniqueness of design.

Today, Ash’s collections continue to inspire renewed pride in Malaysia’s heritage with symbolisms drawn from the past. 

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